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Unique metal running surface for extreme chewers

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Magnum Wheels
12 inch wheels
Please measure your cage and doors carefully to make sure the wheel will fit.

It has come to our attention that some of our furry friends love the plastic net on the Stealths so much that they eat it up. We developed Magnum wheel with a PVC coated, metal net running surface designed specifically to resist chewing. We sent it out for testing to several people in the rat community and it passed with flying colors. Now we can't completely guarantee that any wheel is completely chew proof. There are still plastic parts that could be chewed. But if you know that your little one is a chain saw with four feet, this is the one you want to try. And the Magnum is a little wider to accommodate larger animals or pets who like to share the wheel.

  • Semi-closed front so your pets feel secure.
  • Crossbar free to protect tails and little feet
  • Heavy duty and trouble free "Stealth Quiet Hub" featuring a sealed ball bearing and housing.
  • 6 inch wide running surface is made of PVC coated wire mesh with 1/4 inch holes
  • Stealth Magnum Stand is approximately 16 inches tall, 12 1/2 inches wide, 7 inches deep.
  • Open Plastic design for easy cleaning.
  • 4 color choices
  • Stylish black furniture grade PVC stands. (White construction grade PVC available by request). Also available with Side Mount (some assembly required) and XMount Stand. Click for More Information about XMount.
  • For TrimTrax that fit Magnum Wheels, scroll to the bottom of the page.
  • Solid Stainless Steel Hardware
  • All our wheels usually ship within a day or two, We ship on Monday through Friday and most Saturdays.
  • We now ship our wheels with the stand off. This way, we only need 1 size box for all the wheels.
  • These wheels are hand made from bucket lids. Occasionally there might be some light scratches or some irregularity. This is a normal part of the manufacturing process and does not affect the quality of the wheel.

If you want a smaller wheel with the metal net, we have them listed on the Junior Wheel Page.

Magnum Wheel
Now available with XMount

Stealth Wheel

Some Assembly Required.
We recommend that side mount wheels be used only on heavy duty cages. Light weight cages could rattle or might be incur damage. It usually takes 2 people to install a sidemount. If you have room, we recommend the Xmount stand for easier installation.

Front Color

Back Color

Select Stand Option


fits Magnum Wheels

  • Designed exclusively to fit the full sized Stealth Wheel.
  • TrimTrax uses the existing net of the wheel to keep your pets feet from coming into contact with the sandpaper.
  • Easy to install. Simply hold the TrimTrax against the outside of the wheel and insert the low profile screws and tighten the nuts.
  • The sandpaper is backed with a very strong, light weight, plastic that is FDA approved and USDA compliant.
  • Since only one third of the wheel is covered, TrimTrax doesn't defeat the purpose of the self cleaning nature of the Magnum Wheels.
  • TrimTrax are water resistant and will take light cleaning in place.
  • No exposed adhesives for waste products to cling to.
  • We have not tested TrimTrax on any of the Stealth Wheel clones. At this time we make no guarantees that TrimTrax nail filing system will fit on or function with any of the clone style wheels.
  • These will not fit the Stealth Junior.
  • TrimTrax pet nail filing system has the potential to over file the nails of extremely young animals.
Caution: We do not recommend using TrimTrax on wheels not made by AtticWorx. Doing so has the potential to be a safety hazard and could result in toe pinch or toe slice.

for Magnum Wheel

Fits Magnum Wheel

Individual TrimTrax ship USPS 1st Class


$44.95 5/pack



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