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Purple Passion
Purple Passion Freedom Wheels at now available with Xmounts or Floor stands.

Freedom Wheels
Please measure your cage and doors carefully to make sure the wheel will fit.

Blue Floor Stand

Black Floor Stand

Pink Floor Stand
Blue XMount

Black XMount

Pink Xmount
  • Solid one shot construction - no seams - no H-bar connectors - no rubber gaskets. Yep, no places for smells and bacteria to hide. Enjoy the FREEDOM of a cleaner safer wheel!
  • Completely open for easy entrance and exit. This gives you an unobstructed view and easy cleaning. Enjoy the FREEDOM of fun!
  • Crossbar free to protect tails and little feet. Enjoy the FREEDOM of safety!
  • The two sealed ball bearing system provides smoother function, and more balance durability, and stability. Enjoy the FREEDOM of strength!
  • The wheel portion 6 inch wide and 12 3/4 inched in diameter. The net portion has about 1/4 inch openings. The wheel on a floor stand is about 16 inches tall, 8 inches deep, 12 3/4 inches wide with a 3 inch clearance between the bottom of the wheel and the floor. The Wheel with the X mount is 12 3/4 diameter and 8 inches deep. Enjoy the FREEDOM of room to romp!
  • Comes in a choice of a Floor Stand or our world famous Xmount stand More Information. Both Stands are made of stylish furniture grade black PVC. Enjoy the FREEDOM of design!
  • Made of strong and safe ABS plastic. Enjoy the FREEDOM of innovation!
  • All hardware is hidden behind two center caps- One on the front, one on the back. Enjoy the FREEDOM of safety!
  • The net part is thicker and harder than our other wheels so it is less chewable. The net openings are slightly larger to easily allow for waste to fall through but the holes are still small enough to protect little feet and tails. Enjoy the FREEDEM!
  • 3 color choices...maybe more choices coming later. Enjoy the FREEDOM of creativity!
  • We are proud to say the these wheels are made in the USA. Enjoy the FREEDOM!
  • Designed by and for AtticWorx. We've owned small pets for many years. We're not just wheel builders, we're pet owners. Enjoy the FREEDOM of experience!
  • These are manufactured locally and ordered in bulk so they should ship out quickly. We ship on Monday through Friday and most Saturdays. Enjoy the FREEDOM of ordering from a rock solid company!

Now available.
Don't forget the TrimTrax sold below
Some assembly required.

Freedom Wheels come with two bolt sets so you can choose the length that best fits you cage door.
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Freedom TrimTrax


Freedom Wheel Sandpaper Refills - 5 sets

Freedom TrirmTrax
New improved TrimTrax


Freedom TrimTrax Refills

Just a Wheel

Comes with the wheel, bolts, front cap and back cap. It doesn't come with a stand. Please do not use the Stealth Stand or the Magnum Stand for your Freedom Wheel. The hole is drilled at a different angle and your Freedom Wheel could sag if you use the wrong stand.

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