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Important! For safety, please strap your wheel to the cage. Do not rely on the hooks to hold your wheel.

  • Xmount stand is available for all of our wheels.
  • Full sized wheel with Xmount is Approximately 12 1/2 inches diameter and 8 inches deep.
  • Easy one person mounting to your cage. See directions below.
  • Comes fully assembled.
  • Stylish black furniture grade PVC stands.
  • 4 Black Cable ties included. More sold here.
  • Xmount helps stabilize lite weight cages.
  • For safety, please strap your wheel to the cage. Do not rely on the hooks to hold your wheel.
  • Solid Colored Wheels are in stock and usually ship out on the next day...or sometimes even on the same day that the order is placed. Mixed colors take a day or two to ship. We ship on Monday through Friday and most Saturdays.

Xmount Hanging Instructions.

The white cable ties are for demonstration. Your Xmount will come with black ones.

Hooks go toward the top. Just hook them over the wire of the cage to hold the Xmount in place while you strap it down.

Fold the cable ties in half

Slip the cable ties around the legs of the xmount and through the cage wire.

From the outside of the cage, secure the cable ties and pull them tight. Be sure you secure all four legs.

Removing the Cable Tie Tails:

Take a pair of plyers and grab the tail snug against the square head.

Hold the plyers securely and start twisting the cabel tie tail. Just keep twisting until the tail breaks off.

The tail will break off cleanly at the head with no sharp edges.

One more thing. We leave our wheels attached to the cage when we clean them. We just spray the whole cage with Simple Green (smells real good). Then we hose it off.
But there might be times when you need to remove the wheel from the cage. When that happens, just clip the cable ties with a pair of diagonal cut plyers. You can get more cable ties at your local hardware store, or we sell them on the Parts Page


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