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At AtticWorx, we understand how important exercise is to your pets health and happiness. In their natural environment, many small animals will travel long distances daily. It is instinctive for them to run, jump, glide, and climb. That's why we designed our STEALTH WHEELS™ with your pets health and enjoyment in mind. Our 12 inch wheels are large enough for your small pet to leap, soar, spin, and do tricks. You will be amazed as you watch them run and spin and jump from side to side. It is fun for your pet and it is fun for you to watch.

So what about safety? All our STEALTH WHEELS™ were developed with many built in safety features. The net running surface is intended to allow waste to fall through, keeping those little paws cleaner. That's right waste falls through, but the openings are small enough to keep tiny little feet, legs and tails safely inside the wheel. And there are no openings or cross bars that could lead to broken legs or tails.

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STEALTH WHEELS™ are Veterinarian tested and approved. And you can rest assured knowing that many Veterinarians choose STEALTH WHEELS™ for their personal pets.

Speaking of safety, let's talk about our simi-open front design. That not only gives you a clear view of your pets antics and tricks, it also allows easy entry and exit for your pet. That open design helps virtually eliminate the possibility of your pet accidentally banging its head on a nearby shelf or toy if the animal tried exit through the small holes while the wheel was still spinning. And with the generous front lip, you don't have to worry about them accidently falling out.

But it's not all about your pets comfort, now is it? I'm talking about that little squeak, squeak, squeak, that goes on aaallll night long. You know what I'm talking about. After a while you start breathing to the rhythm of that squeak, squeak, SQUEAK! The good news is the STEALTH WHEELS™ and Magnum wheels are completely silent. Our innovative designs totally eliminate that nasty little squeak, and all our wheels have "never need oiling" mechanics.

Like many of you, we are concerned with the safety and quality of products that are mass produced overseas. That concern is understandable since most countries don't have the strict manufacturing laws that the US has. "Made in America" stands for quality and safety. Our STEALTH WHEELS™ are not only assembled in the US, but all are parts (except the ball bearings) are American made. Atticworx is committed to "American Made" and doing our part to keep America Working

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